Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Just because I can’t sit still, I’m working on editing the first two novels I wrote while I wait for two new book releases and all the joys of formatting and such. Going back through old work is like wandering through a nursing home trying to find youth. It’s depressing and draining. But if you keep roaming and find your way, you may just find the key to everlasting life. (We writers all wish to be immortal you know. At least through our words)


When working on my own writing (especially editing), I like to have at least two projects to alternate between. The more the better. It’s how my brain works. I get a little ahead and then switch when I get frustrated. Gives me time to cool down and come back later.

Last night I got so frustrated with my Sword and Sorcery novel (the 2nd novel I…

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