Creative Spark

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Writers hear it all day, every day. It plagues their lives. Haunts them from the shadows. Laughs at them in the bathroom. Every time a free moment presents itself, that creepy voice gasps, “write everyday”.


But how the fuck can one do such a thing when in order to be a GOOD writer, one must first and foremost, LIVE. I love this horrendously shitty conundrum. For the longest time I said, “Screw it!” and broke the rules. I’d write whenever the hell I felt like it and somehow still produced a mountain of work. Because in truth, if you want to write and actually get published, you’ll put in the work.

Now for some of the writers that struggle with this, I think it’s an issue of over-complicating  things. So often we overlook the little writing moments because it’s not focused storytelling. But your blog post…THAT’S WRITING! I don’t know…

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