Jessica Marie Baumgartner

It takes a tremendous amount of work to get anywhere in an artistic field. Everyone loves to tout the “overnight success” idea, but most overnight successes had years of tweaking and experimenting involved before they had that big break that made everybody look twice.


Fully committing to your craft is a painful process filled with enough emotional turmoil to make “movie of the week.” The internalized hopes and fears swirl together and often land in the pit of your stomach like an anvil.


To fully dedicate yourself, you have to move past the self-doubt, the internal self-loathing that is often the biggest obstacle anyone has to face. (Unless you’re one of those jerks who is way too full of yourself and thinks you’re everyone’s gift to everything, then you have a while other world of setbacks to experience) Every new book, each fresh story I write is better than the…

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