My Wandering Uterus

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Non-fiction isn’t full of space ships and quests. It doesn’t allow you to escape the world, but rather examine and embrace it. Experience based non-fiction can really reach us. Sometimes it clobbers readers with harsh truths, other times it brings everyday humor to light. I always prefer the latter.


When people read about some of what I’ve been through, they are often left speechless. I myself feel that nothing is perfect and would rather laugh through everything.


Someone asked me, “How did you fit so much into such a few pages?” when they read my story, English Escape, in the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection: Inspiration for Teachers. I find it better not to dwell on the most difficult aspects of life. It’s more fun to celebrate the aftermath. Making it through and greeting the world with a smile will lead to far greater opportunities than bitterness…

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